Streets of Seville

My mother’s reaction, on seeing these images, was “the people in your photos are a right miserable bunch” and actually she’s got a point.  I’m not sure why the pictures turned out like this – especially when you consider that Seville is synonymous with colour, flamenco and fiestas – except that I’ve always honed in on people who break the tradition of airbrushed, made-up, Photoshopped perfection.  I’m not particularly offended by the endless magazine models that we’re bombarded with every day; I just find them very bland and uninteresting to look at.  Real beauty, in my opinion, comes from a faceful of character, an interesting posture, unusual clothes or anything which the eye can snag on and the mind create a story about.

So with that said and done, here is a collection of Seville locals very definitely NOT dancing flamenco or peeling oranges and clapping their hands…but no less endearing because of it.  Enjoy!  (I promise I’ll do an all-singing, all-dancing technicolor Spain gallery at some point).

©copyright Square Lamb 2015. All rights reserved



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