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Finland’s first city is a relatively young capital: it’s only held the title since 1812 and with a population of just over 1 million is also one of Europe’s smallest capitals.  Nevertheless, the Fins have filled Helsinki with art, music (heavy metal being a particular local favourite), food and culture.  Helsinki is surprisingly multi-cultural with residents from as far afield as Senegal and Vietnam, and visitors will see evidence of former Russian influence in some of its architecture and monuments.  Politics is a hot topic on many lips.  Don’t be deceived however, for Fins in Helsinki also know how to relax and enjoy themselves – from the traditional sauna to the backstreet rock venues.  Summer is short here and in Helsinki they fill it with festivals, concerts and outdoor events in one of the most beautiful locations in northern Europe.

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4 thoughts on “View Finder: Helsinki

  1. Hi Rachel, you have some great photos on your site. I love the black and white street scene above. I am a Bit of a sucker for b/w street photography as you can probably tell from my photos. Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon.


  2. Hei! Thanks for the comment and the link… looks like a lovely place! I’m actually working here in Finland for 2 months, in a little village about 100km from Helsinki so I hope I can visit a bit more of the country while I’m here. I definitely want to go to Lapland if I have enough time 🙂


  3. Very cool post. I am glad that You visited Helsinki. It is only tiny window to the real Finland outside it!!! Hopefully You visit someday our Lakeland area or hike in Lapland where reindeers roam freely on Arctic Hills! Maybe You someday want to see our hidden gems which are not known by many people.

    Oh, I give one link from my post showing what You could do when on the Lakeland area:

    Cruise to Rock paintings.

    Happy and safe travels!

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