This is 2015

Taking photos is, as you might have realised, a pastime that I absolutely adore and I estimate that I’ve taken around 8,000 – 10,000 shots this year.  A great many were deleted from the camera before ever reaching the computer, more were dumped in a file entitled “originals” (which I should probably rechristen “graveyard”) never to be viewed again…but every so often the shutter will click on an image which you’re thrilled to have taken, not only as an image that you’re happy with as a photographer, but also as a memory of a moment to be cherished forever.  These are few of my favourites from 2015; I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.


It seems a very long time since I took this picture of some beautiful graffiti in January – one of the first of the year. (Granada, Spain).


2015 was the year when I really started experimenting with street photography and candid shots; this was one of the first, taken on a freezing morning at a local flea market in Seville, Spain.


Another one from Seville and a flamenco dancer performing outside the city hall.  I took about 100 shots of her; most were rubbish.


Barcelona, Spain.  I have to be honest, Barcelona doesn’t really inspire me.  However I couldn’t resist getting a snap of this old guy writing graffiti on the wall of church in the Gothic quarter.


Also in Barcelona…technically not the best, the focus is a little off, but I couldn’t be happier with the composition, snapped at just the right moment.


Everyone seemed to like this one.  I made it the header for this blog.  (Seville, Spain)


Metros and subway stations are among the most photogenic places in the world, in my opinion.  I just wish I was brave enough to get the camera out in the actual carriage….(Madrid, Spain)


In June I went to Finland to work for a couple of months…one of the things I loved most was the little green trams in Helsinki…

…the main railway station was quite nice too…

…and the 24-hour daylight was a definite eye-opener.  This picture was taken just after midnight.

I came across this man standing in an underpass, just standing there, I’ve got no idea what he was doing.  I don’t think he even noticed me taking his picture.  (Riga, Latvia)


The photo club of which I’m a member set a challenge to photograph “old buildings and ruins”.  I found this place next to the beach in Almeria, southern Spain.  Apparently a celebrity used to live there, but I can’t remember who.


It was worth getting up at the crack of dawn and heading to the beach before work for this shot…it was supposed to be a silhouette of some sun loungers, the girl was an unexpected bonus.  I think she’d been partying all night (Valencia, Spain)

Another one from Valencia, also involving a good party…


Cuenca, Spain….taken not long ago whilst accompanying a group of students on a guided tour of the town – at exactly the right time of day!


And finally, a few current ones from Xi’an, China.  It’s fair to say I’m very excited about the photo opportunities in this part of the world, so watch this space in 2016!

Thank you for following!

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4 thoughts on “This is 2015

    1. Hi Badfish, thanks for the comment, I’m glad you like the pics! I teach English as a foreign language; usually I’m based in Spain but this year I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and did some contracts in Finland and now China…hopefully I can visit a few more places next year (and take some more photos…)


      1. if I had known there were real jobs teaching ESL, I would have gone down that road…all I ever wanted was to work in foreign lands and get paid to live there.


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