Street Photography: Moments of Now

I do a lot of street photography so I’m constantly looking for “now” moments to record.  (In fact I’m probably guilty of being too caught up in the moment and not planning ahead…I only decided to move to China 6 weeks before I boarded the plane).  For me, photography is all about capturing fleeting moments in time, expressions on faces, moods, emotions and interactions.  So here are 5 “now” photos taken in the last 24 hours in Xi’an, north east China.

Pushchairs are something of a rarity in China, most babies seem to be carried in arms.


A pilgrim burns incense outside a Buddhist temple


Got your back….a man takes his girlfriend out for lunch


Three friends walk arm in arm along Beiyuanmen “snack street” in the centre of Xi’an


Hello….if anyone knows where I can buy this coat please tell me!


See more street photography from China here.


Inspired by The Daily Post’s Now challenge.  ©copyright Square Lamb 2015. All rights reserved


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