Street Food: A Taste of Xi’an

Asia is synonymous with street food and Xi’an is no exception.  In fact, this city in the north east of China is somewhat famous for its food vendors whose stalls and carts can be found on almost every street corner and spare patch of pavement.


Each province in China boasts its own local flavour; Xi’an’s is typically spicy and features meat skewers, noodles, peppers and pomegranate – the latter of which was introduced to the city via the Silk Road.



One of the best places to sample the food is Beiyuanmen “snack street”, located in the Muslim quarter and seemingly dedicated to street food.

The taste is not the only thing you can enjoy here, though; equally as enjoyable is watching the chefs prepare the food, from traditional wok cooking to the highly entertaining process of making hard candy.


A tiny woman is almost obscured by the smoke and steam from her cooking pots


Hard candy: first the mixture is stretched on a hook…
…then beaten with mallets to flatten it.
Obviously a career with a decent amount of job satisfaction


A bit spicy?


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