One of the things I love the most?  Photography (obviously).  I spend a lot of time out on the streets taking pictures, and I often “storyboard” my shoots (I want a photo of an old man smoking a cigarette, a girl looking in a shop window and someone pushing a bike etc). However, no matter how much you plan a shot, what equipment you use or how you edit the image, occasionally there’s that split second when all the right elements (composition, lighting, action) magically arrange themselves in front of your eyes and you raise the camera just quickly enough to capture it.  This is one such shot.  It was a scorching hot day in Seville and I’d been sitting near this fountain for a while, snapping the silhouettes of people running and cycling through the spray.  Then the dogs arrived, and gave me an image that I love.  Enjoy!

Posted in response to The Daily Post’s One Love challenge.


©Square Lamb 2016.  All rights reserved.



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